Afars and Issas
1975, Jan. 21 - Sea Shells
Sc.382-391  Mi.118-121  Yv.400-403 Set of 4 15.00ˆ
STP Sc.384 Mi.119  Yv.401 10f Conus sumatrensis, ammonite, trilobite 3.00ˆ
Sc.---- Mi.---- Yv.---- Set of 4, imperf.  ----
STI Sc.----   Mi.---- Yv.---- 10f Sc.384, imperf.  ----
STI Sc.---- Mi.---- Yv.---- Sc.384, imperf. proofs  ----
FDC Sc.384
Djibouti since 1977
1988, June 6 - Prehistoric Animals
STP Sc.1279-1285 Mi.1581-1587 Yv.1398-1404 Set of 7 7.00ˆ
Sc.1279  Mi.1581 Yv.1398 3af Mesosaurus ----
  Sc.1280 Mi.1582  Yv.1399 5af Styracosaurus ----
Sc.1281 Mi.1583 Yv.1400 10af Uintatherium ----
Sc.1282 Mi.1584 Yv.1401 15af Protoceratops ----
Sc.1283 Mi.1585 Yv.1402 20af Stegosaurus ----
Sc.1284 Mi.1586 Yv.1403 25af Ceratosaurus ----
Sc.1285 Mi.1587 Yv.1404 30af Dinornis robustus † ----
STP Sc.---- Mi.---- Yv.---- Sc.1279, proof ----
STP Sc.---- Mi.---- Yv.---- Sc.1283, proof ----
STP Sc.---- Mi.---- Yv.---- Sc.1284, proof ----
FDC Sc.1279-1285
1996, Nov. 5 - Horses
STP Sc.---- Mi.1695-1699  Yv.1512-1516 Set of 5 3.20ˆ
Sc.---- Mi.1695 Yv.1512 200af Eohippus ----
Sc.----  Mi.1696 Yv.1513 300af Miohippus ----
Sc.----  Mi.1697 Yv.1514 400af Merychippus ----
Sc.----  Mi.1698 Yv.1515 500af Pliohippus ----
Sc.----  Mi.1699 Yv.1516 600af Equus (Pleistocene) ----
Sc.---- Mi.Bl 90 Yv.BF76 3000af Souvenir sheet 4.00ˆ
1998, May 30 - Prehistoric Animals
STP Sc.---- Mi.1784-1789 Yv.---- Set of 6 5.50ˆ
Sc.---- Mi.1784 Yv.---- 400af Mammuthus primigenius ----
Sc.---- Mi.1785 Yv.---- 600af Megaloceros giganteus ----
Sc.---- Mi.1786 Yv.---- 800af Ursus spelaeus ----
Sc.---- Mi.1787 Yv.---- 1000af Synthetoceras ----
Sc.---- Mi.1788 Yv.---- 1200af Coelodonta ----
Sc.---- Mi.1789 Yv.---- 1500af Hipparion ----
Souvenir sheet
STP Sc.---- Mi.Bl.101 Yv.---- 4000af Smilodon 4.00ˆ
FDC Mi.1784-1789
FDC Mi.Bl.101
Aitutaki (Cook Islands)
1903 - Stamps of New Zealand Surcharged. Types of 1898
Sc.1-6   Mi.1-6 Yv.2-7 Set of 6 230.00ˆ
STP Sc.4 Mi.4  Yv.5 3c Huia (Heteralocha acutirostris †) 20.00ˆ
1974, Jan. 31 - Sea Shells
Sc.82-95 Mi.94-105 Yv.95-106 Set of 12  25.00ˆ
STP Sc.83  Mi.95 Yv.96 1c Nautilus macromphalus 1.20ˆ
STI Sc.---- Mi.---- Yv.----     Sc.83 in sheet of 20, imperf. ----
Sheets proofs Imperf.
STI Sc.---- Mi.---- Yv.----     Sc.82-93 (rose) ----
STI Sc.---- Mi.---- Yv.----     Sc.82-93 (yellow) ----
FDC Sc.83   
PP Sc.82-94
1974, July 15 - UPU
   Sc.102-103 Mi.118-119 Yv.113-114 Set of 2 13.00ˆ
STP Sc.103 Mi.119 Yv.114 50c Sc.4 (Huia †) and UPU emblem ---
Printed in sheets of 5 plus label showing UPU emblem.
Sc.---- Mi.---- Yv.---- Miniature sheet of 5, Sc.102 + label ----
STP Sc.---- Mi.---- Yv.---- Miniature sheet of 5, Sc.103 + label ----
STP Sc.103a  Mi.Bl.2 Yv.BF2  25c, 50c Souvenir sheet of 2, Sc.102-103 3.50ˆ
Sc.103 Mi.119 Yv.114 50c Sc.103 (Huia †) ----
FDC Sc.102-103
FDC Sc.103a
1976, June 1 - Declaration of Independence
STP Sc.124 Mi.181-183 Yv.163-165 3 x 30c Strip of 3, Sc.124a-c 2.40ˆ
Sc.124b Mi.182 Yv.164 30c Declaration of Independence by John Trumbull 0.80ˆ
Incl. Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)
Sc.125 Mi.184-186 Yv.166-168 3 x 35c Strip of 3, Sc.125a-c 3.00ˆ
Sc.126 Mi.187-189 Yv.169-171 3 x 50c Strip of 3, Sc.126a-c 4.50ˆ
STP Sc.126d Mi.Bl.8 Yv.BF8 9 x 30c Souvenir sheet of 9, Sc.124a-i 10.00ˆ
Sc.---- Mi.191 Yv.164 30c Declaration of Independence by John Trumbull ----
Incl. Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)
FDC Sc.124
1978, Nov. 3-1979, Feb. 20 – Overpinted or Surcharged in Black, Silver or Gold
                                                                                                      Sc.O1-O16   Mi.D1-16 Yv.S1-16 Set of 16 75.00ˆ
STP Sc.O1 Mi.D2   Yv.S1 1c Sc.83, ovptd. “O.H.M.S.” 1.20ˆ
Issued: Sc.O1 - 03.11.1978.
1979, Nov. 14 – Rowland Hill
                                             Sc.176-181 Mi.316-321 Yv.239-244 Set of 6 6.50ˆ
                                                                                                    Sc.178a Mi.316-318 Yv.239-241 3 x 50c Strip of 3, Sc.176-178 2.70ˆ
STP Sc.180 Mi.320 Yv.243 65c Sc.4 (Huia †) 1.20ˆ
STP Sc.181a Mi.319-321           Yv.242-244                      3 x 65c Strip of 3, Sc.179-181 3.60ˆ
Sc.176-178 and 179-181 printed in sheets of 9.                                     
STP Sc.182 Mi.Bl.27  Yv.BF27 6 x 30c Souvenir sheet of 6, Sc.176-181 5.00ˆ
STP Sc.182e Mi.326 Yv.243 30c Sc.180 (Huia †) ----
STI Sc.----  Mi.----  Yv.---- Sc.182, imperf. proof  ----
STI Sc.----  Mi.----  Yv.---- Sc.182, imperf. proof  ----
FDC Sc.176-181
FDC Sc.182
1984, Sept. 14 – AUSIPEX’84
  Sc.351-353 Mi.537-539 Yv.408-410 Set of 3 15.00ˆ
STP Sc.353 Mi.539 Yv.410 $1.40 Sc.4 (Huia †) 6.00ˆ
STP Sc.354 Mi.Bl.50 Yv.BF50 Souvenir sheet of 3, Sc.351-353  10.00ˆ
STP Sc.354c Mi.542 Yv.410 $1.40+5c Sc.353 (Huia †) ----
FDC Sc.351-353
1986, Aug. 4 – Ovptd. Gold Circle over AUSIPEX Emblem
Black and Gold STAMPEX’86 Emblem
Souvenir sheet of 3
STP Sc.399   Mi.Bl.64    Yv.BF65  Sc.354, ovptd. 15.00ˆ
                                                Sc.399c Mi.592 Yv.---- $1.40+5c Sc.354c (Huia †) ----
FDC Sc.399  
1971, Aug. 24 – Declaration of Independence
STP Sc.----   Mi.1028A-1030A    Yv.---- Strip of 3 1.80ˆ
Sc.----   Mi.1029A Yv.---- 25dh Benjamin Franklin ----
Sc.----   Mi.1029A Yv.---- 50dh Declaration of Independence by John Trumbull ----
Incl. Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)
Sc.----   Mi.1030A Yv.---- 75dh Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) ----
Sc.----   Mi.1031A Yv.---- 5r Painting 6.50ˆ
Sc.----   Mi.Bl.303A Yv.---- 10r Souvenir sheet 10.00ˆ
Sc.----   Mi.1028B-1030B    Yv.---- Mi.1028A-1030A, imperf. 2.25ˆ
Sc.----   Mi.1031B Yv.---- 5r Mi.1031A, imperf. 8.00ˆ
Sc.----   Mi.Bl.303B Yv.---- 10r Mi.Bl.303A, imperf. 20.00ˆ
Souvenir sheets deluxe (4)
Sc.----   Mi.---- Yv.---- Mi.1028A-1031A ----
Sc.----   Mi.---- Yv.---- 50dh Mi.1029A ----
Sc.----   Mi.---- Yv.---- 75dh Mi.1030A ----
Souvenir sheet of 3
STI Sc.----   Mi.----    Yv.---- 5r Mi.1028B-1030B with simulated perforation ----
Aland Islands (Finland)
1994-2000 - Regular Issue
Sc.84-108 Mi.117-8,124-6 Yv.118-122 Set of 5 ----
STP Sc.84    Mi.124  Yv.120 0.30m Saduria entomon 0.20ˆ
STP Sc.85 Mi.117 Yv.118 0.40m Asaphus (Trilobita) 0.20ˆ
STP Sc.106 Mi.118 Yv.119 9m Euomophalus (Gastropoda) 3.20ˆ
Issued: Sc.84 - 03.02.1997, Sc.85,106 - 09.10.1996.
STP Sc.---- Mi.---- Yv.---- Sc.85,106, gutter ----
STP Sc.----   Mi.---- Yv.---- Sc.85 in sheet of 20 ----
STP Sc.---- Mi.---- Yv.---- Sc.106 in sheet of 20 ----
FDC Sc.84 
FDC Sc.85 (#1) FDC Sc.85 (#2)
FDC Sc.106 (#1) FDC Sc.106 (#2)
FDC Sc.85,106
2000-2001 - Swamp Plants
Sc.177-182 Mi.187-189 Yv.187-189 Set of 3 ----
STP Sc.177  Mi.187  Yv.187 1.90m Equisetum fluviatile 0.90ˆ
Issued: Sc.177 - 02.01.2001.
FDC Sc.177 
1987, Apr. 20 – Famous Men
Sc.2242-2245 Mi.2330-2333  Yv.2136-2139 Set of 4 6.00ˆ
STP Sc.2244   Mi.2332 Yv.2138 90q Charles Darwin (1809-1882), English naturalist 1.80ˆ
1952, Aug. 11 - International Geological Congress
Sc.247-248  Mi.308-309 Yv.297-298 Set of 2 5.00ˆ
STP Sc.247   Mi.308 Yv.297 15f Berbericeras sekikensis 3.00ˆ
Sc.---- Mi.---- Yv.---- Sc.247-248, imperf. 45.00ˆ
STI Sc.---- Mi.---- Yv.---- 15f Sc.247, imperf. ----
Souvenir sheets proofs Imperf.
STI Sc.--- Mi.--- Yv.--- Sc.247-248 ----
STI Sc.--- Mi.--- Yv.--- Sc.247 (red) ----
STI Sc.--- Mi.--- Yv.--- Sc.247 (brown-black) ----
STI Sc.--- Mi.--- Yv.--- Sc.247 (blue-black) ----
STI Sc.--- Mi.--- Yv.--- Sc.247 (red-brown) ----
STI Sc.--- Mi.--- Yv.--- Sc.247 (grey-black)  ----
STI Sc.--- Mi.--- Yv.--- Sc.247 (green-black) ----
STI Sc.--- Mi.--- Yv.--- Sc.247 (black) ----
STI Sc.--- Mi.--- Yv.--- Sc.247 (aquarelle) ----
FDC Sc.247-248
MC Sc.247 (#1) MC Sc.247 (#2) MC Sc.247 (#3) MC Sc.247 (#4)
1981, Oct. 16 – Cave Drawings of Tassili
Sc.675-678    Mi.786-789 Yv.747-750 Set of 4 7.00ˆ
STP Sc.676 Mi.787 Yv.748 1d North African aurochs (Bos primigenius africanus †)  1.50ˆ
Sc.---- Mi.---- Yv.---- Sc.675-678, imperf. ----
STI Sc.---- Mi.---- Yv.---- 1d Sc.676, imperf.    ----
Souvenir sheets deluxe Imperf.
Sc.---- Mi.---- Yv.---- Sc.675-678 ----
STI Sc.---- Mi.---- Yv.---- 1d Sc.676 ----
FDC Sc.675-678  
1994, Sept. 21 - Minerals
Sc.1029-1031  Mi.1113-1115 Yv.1073-1075 Set of 3 3.00ˆ
STP Sc.1031     Mi.1115 Yv.1075 10d Turitella limestone 1.80ˆ
Sc.---- Mi.---- Yv.---- Sc.1029-1031, imperf. ----
Sc.---- Mi.---- Yv.---- 10d Sc.1031, imperf. ----
Souvenir sheet deluxe Imperf.
STI Sc.---- Mi.---- Yv.---- 10d Sc.1031 ----
FDC Sc.1029-1031
2016, Dec. 14 - Atlas Lion
STP Sc.1704 Mi.1840 Yv.---- 50d Atlas lion; Barbary lion (Panthera leo leo †) 2.00ˆ
FDC Sc.1704 FDC Sc.1704 (others)
MC Sc.1704 MC Sc.1704 (others)
FDS Sc.1704 FDS Sc.1704 (others)
SP Sc.1704
Andorra, French Administration
1976, July 3 - American Bicentennial
STP Sc.248 Mi.276  Yv.255 1.20f Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) 1.50ˆ
STI Sc.---- Mi.---- Yv.275a 1.20f Sc.248, imperf. 30.50ˆ
Souvenir sheet deluxe Imperf.
STI Sc.---- Mi.---- Yv.---- 1.20f Sc.248 ----
FDC Sc.248 (#1) FDC Sc.248 (#2) FDC Sc.248 (#3) FDC Sc.248 (#4) FDC Sc.248 (others)
MC Sc.248 (#1) MC Sc.248 (#2)
FDS Sc.248
  2007, Nov. 10 - Prehistoric Humans (3.500 B.C.-2nd. century B.C.)
STP Sc.630-631 Mi.667-668   Yv.646-647 Set of 2 3.00ˆ
Sc.630 Mi.667 Yv.646 0.60ˆ Prehistoric humans ----
Sc.631 Mi.668 Yv.647 0.85ˆ Prehistoric humans ----
FDC Sc.630
FDC Sc.631
1959, Oct. 1 - Welwitschia Mirabilis
STP Sc.413-416 Mi.419-422 Yv.413-416 Set of 4 12.00ˆ
Sc.413 Mi.419 Yv.413 1.50e Welwitschia mirabilis ----
Sc.414 Mi.420 Yv.414 2.50e Welwitschia mirabilis ----
Sc.415 Mi.421 Yv.415 5e Welwitschia mirabilis ----
Sc.416 Mi.422 Yv.416 10e Welwitschia mirabilis ----
FDC Sc.413
1970, Oct. 31 - Fossils and Minerals
STP Sc.551-562 Mi.563-574 Yv.560-571 Set of 12 14.00ˆ
Sc.551 Mi.563 Yv.560 0.50e Angolasaurus bocagei ----
Sc.554 Mi.566 Yv.563 2e Gondwanidium validum ----
Sc.556 Mi.568 Yv.565 3e Stromatolite (fossil remains of microorganisms) ----
Sc.557 Mi.569 Yv.566 3.50e Procarcharodon megalodon ----
Sc.558 Mi.570 Yv.567 4e Microceratodus angolensis ----
Sc.561 Mi.573 Yv.570 6e Nostoceras helicium ----
Sc.562 Mi.574 Yv.571 10e Rotula orbiculus angolensis ----
FDC Sc.551 (#1) FDC Sc.551 (#2)
FDC Sc.551-562 (#1) FDC Sc.551-562 (#2)
PP Sc.551-562
1990, Feb. 20 – Architecture
Sc.763-769  Mi.781-787 Yv.756-762 Set of 7 13.00ˆ
STP Sc.765 Mi.783 Yv.758 5k National Museum of Anthropology  0.50ˆ
FDC Sc.763-769 
FDC Sc.765
1994, Aug. 16 - Dinosaurs
STP Sc.906-909 Mi.964-967 Yv.930-933 Set of 4 5.50ˆ
Sc.906   Mi.964 Yv.930 1000k Brachiosaurus ----
Sc.907 Mi.965 Yv.931 3000k Spinosaurus ----
Sc.908 Mi.966 Yv.932 5000k Ouranosaurus ----
Sc.909 Mi.967 Yv.933 10000k Lesothosaurus ----
Souvenir sheet
STP Sc.910 Mi.Bl.18 Yv.BF17 19000k Lesothosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Spinosaurus, 9.50ˆ
FDC Sc.906-909 (#1) FDC Sc.906-909 (#2)
FDC Sc.910
MC Sc.906 MC Sc.907 MC Sc.908 MC Sc.909
1998, Dec. 28 - Dinosaurs
STP Sc.1050-1053  Mi.1293-1296   Yv.1201-1204 Set of 4 6.80ˆ
Sc.1050 Mi.1293  Yv.1201 120000k Parasaurolophus ----
Sc.1051 Mi.1296 Yv.1204 120000k Maiasaura ----
Sc.1052 Mi.1295 Yv.1203 120000k Iguanodon ----
Sc.1053 Mi.1294 Yv.1202 120000k Elaphrosaurus ----
STP Sc.1054   Mi.1297-1305   Yv.1205-1213  Sheet of 9 8.50ˆ
Sc.1054a Mi.1297     Yv.1205   120000k Brontosaurus ----
Sc.1054b Mi.1298 Yv.1206 120000k Plateosaurus ----
Sc.1054c Mi.1299 Yv.1207 120000k Brachiosaurus ----
Sc.1054d Mi.1300 Yv.1208 120000k Anatosaurus (Edmontosaurus) ----
Sc.1054e Mi.1301 Yv.1209 120000k Tyrannosaurus ----
Sc.1054f Mi.1302 Yv.1210 120000k Carnotaurus ----
Sc.1054g Mi.1303 Yv.1211 120000k Corythosaurus ----
Sc.1054h Mi.1304 Yv.1212 120000k Stegosaurus ----
Sc.1054i Mi.1305 Yv.1213 120000k Iguanodon ----
STP Sc.1055 Mi.1306-1314 Yv.1234-1242 Sheet of 9 8.50ˆ
Sc.1055a     Mi.1306   Yv.1234  120000k Hadrosaurus ----
Sc.1055b  Mi.1307 Yv.1235 120000k Ouranosaurus ----
Sc.1055c    Mi.1308 Yv.1236 120000k Hypsilophodon ----
Sc.1055d   Mi.1309 Yv.1237 120000k Brachiosaurus ----
Sc.1055e   Mi.1310 Yv.1238 120000k Shunosaurus ----
Sc.1055f Mi.1311 Yv.1239 120000k Amargasaurus ----
Sc.1055g    Mi.1312 Yv.1240 120000k Tuojiangosaurus ----
Sc.1055h   Mi.1313 Yv.1241 120000k Monoclonius ----
Sc.1055i  Mi.1314 Yv.1242 120000k Struthiosaurus ----
Souvenir sheets
STP Sc.1056    Mi.Bl.51   Yv.BF49  550000k Triceratops 4.00ˆ
STP Sc.1057   Mi.Bl.52 Yv.BF52  550000k Tyrannosaurus 4.00ˆ
1999, Sept. 23 - Ships
STP Sc.1088 Mi.1380-1387    Yv.1320-1327   8 x 950000k Sheet of 8, Sc.1088a-h 9.50ˆ
Sc.1088c Mi.1382 Yv.1322 950000k Darwin's H.M.S. "Beagle" ----
Sc.1089 Mi.1372-1379    Yv.1304-1311   8 x 950000k Sheet of 8, Sc.1089a-h 9.50ˆ
Sc.1090 Mi.1364-1371    Yv.1288-1295   8 x 950000k Sheet of 8, Sc.1090a-h 9.50ˆ
Sc.1091-1094 Mi.Bl.60-63    Yv.BF62,64-66   each 5000000k Souvenir sheets (4) 22.00ˆ
2001, June 9 - Flowers
                                                                                        Sc.1188-1191  Mi.1638-1641     Yv.1507-1510    Set of 4 14.00ˆ
STP Sc.1190 Mi.1640 Yv.1510 10k Welwitschia mirabilis 3.80ˆ
STP Sc.1192 Mi.Bl.94 Yv.BF94 30k Souvenir sheet 12.00ˆ
FDC Sc.1188-1191 
2001, Sept. 28 - Fish
                                                                                        Sc.1194-1196  Mi.1644-1646     Yv.1515A-1515C     Set of 3 10.50ˆ
STP Sc.1194 Mi.1644 Yv.1515A    11k Protopterus annectens 3.00ˆ
STP Sc.1195 Mi.1645 Yv.1515B 17k Protopterus amphibius 3.50ˆ
                                                Sc.1197  Mi.Bl.96 Yv.BF97 36k Souvenir sheet 7.00ˆ
2018, Dec. 10 - Dinosaurs and Minerals
STP Sc.1524-1527 Mi.---- Yv.---- Set of 4 ----
Sc.1524 Mi.---- Yv.---- 300k Diplodocus longus ----
Sc.1525 Mi.---- Yv.---- 300k Rhamphorhynchus longicaudus ----
Sc.1526 Mi.---- Yv.---- 300k Hatzegopteryx thambema ----
Sc.1527 Mi.---- Yv.---- 300k Yangchuanosaurus shangyouensis ----
Souvenir sheet
STP Sc.1566 Mi.---- Yv.---- 1200k Austroraptor cabazai ----
STP Sc.---- Mi.---- Yv.---- Miniature sheets of 10, Sc.1524-1527 (4) ----
2001, July 4 – American Revolution, 225th Anniv.
Sc.1049-1052 Mi.1080-1083 Yv.988-901 Set of 4 7.00ˆ
STP Sc.1051 Mi.1082 Yv.900   $1.50 Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) 2.00ˆ
FDC Sc.1051
Antigua & Barbuda
1982, June 28 – Charles Darwin (1809-1882), English Naturalist and Evolutionist
STP Sc.658-661 Mi.669-672 Yv.664-667   Set of 4 6.00ˆ
Sc.658 Mi.669 Yv.664  10c Portrait, cordia ----
Sc.659 Mi.670 Yv.665 50c Portrait, mongoose ----
Sc.660 Mi.671 Yv.666 90c Portrait, corallita ----
Sc.661 Mi.672 Yv.667 $1 Portrait, bats  ----
Souvenir sheet
STP Sc.662 Mi.Bl.62 Yv.BF63 $5 Portrait, Monachus tropicalis † 10.00ˆ
STP Sc.----  Mi.----   Yv.----  Sc.659-661, gutter ----
STP Sc.----  Mi.----   Yv.----  Sc.658, cross gutter ----
FDC Sc.659
CP Sc.659
1988, May 3 – Walt Disney (1901-1966) 
Sc.1116A-1124   Mi.1126-1139    Yv.1056-62,1067-73  Set of 14 15.00ˆ
STP Sc.1116D Mi.1129 Yv.1059 4c Cartoon dinosaur 0.30ˆ
STP Sc.1120  Mi.1135 Yv.1070 60c Cartoon dinosaur 1.10ˆ
                                         Sc.1125-1126 Mi.Bl.140-141   Yv.BF138,140 each $5 Souvenir sheets (2) 10.00ˆ
FDC Sc.1116D
FDC Sc.1120
1989, Oct. 19 – Wildlife
                                   Sc.1233-1236 Mi.1268-1271 Yv.1178-1181 Set of 4 10.00ˆ
STP Sc.1234            Mi.1269 Yv.1179 45c Monachus tropicalis † 2.50ˆ
Souvenir sheet
STP Sc.1237 Mi.Bl.164 Yv.BF162 $5 Megalomys sp. † 10.00ˆ
1989, Nov. 17 – World Stamp Expo ’89
Souvenir sheet
STP Sc.1263 Mi.Bl.169 Yv.BF169 $4 Smithsonian Institution 5.00ˆ
The Smithsonian Institution in Washington include National museum of natural history.
1990, Sept. 3 – Mickey Production Studios
                                   Sc.1314-1321 Mi.1393-1400 Yv.1269-1272, 1281-1284 Set of 8 14.00ˆ
Souvenir sheets
STP Sc.1322 Mi.Bl.183 Yv.BF184 $5 Mickey and dinosaur costume 5.00ˆ
Sc.1323 Mi.Bl.182 Yv.BF181 $5 Minnie 5.00ˆ
1992, Apr. 6 - Prehistoric Animals
STP Sc.1541-1548 Mi.1609-1616  Yv.1425-1428,1465-1468 Set of 8 13.00ˆ
Sc.1541 Mi.1609 Yv.1465 10c Pteranodon ----
Sc.1542 Mi.1610 Yv.1425 15c Brachiosaurus ----
Sc.1543 Mi.1611 Yv.1426 30c Tyrannosaurus ----
Sc.1544 Mi.1612 Yv.1466 50c Parasaurolophus ----
Sc.1545 Mi.1613 Yv.1467 $1 Deinonychus ----
Sc.1546 Mi.1614 Yv.1427 $2 Triceratops ----
Sc.1547 Mi.1615 Yv.1428 $4 Protoceratops ----
Sc.1548 Mi.1616 Yv.1468 $5 Stegosaurus ----
Souvenir sheets
STP Sc.1549 Mi.Bl.228 Yv.BF222 $6 Apatosaurus 7.00ˆ
STP Sc.1550  Mi.Bl.229 Yv.BF231 $6 Allosaurus 7.00ˆ
STI Sc.---- Mi.---- Yv.---- Sc.1541-1548, imperf. ----
STI Sc.---- Mi.---- Yv.---- $6 Sc.1549, imperf. ----
STI Sc.---- Mi.---- Yv.---- $6 Sc.1550, imperf. ----
FDC Sc.1541-1548 (#1) FDC Sc.1541-1548 (#2)
FDC Sc.1549
FDC Sc.1550
1995, May 15 - Prehistoric Animals
STP Sc.1882-1887 Mi.2121-2126 Yv.1844-1849 Set of 6 8.50ˆ
Sc.1882 Mi.2121  Yv.1844  15c Pachycephalosaurus ----
Sc.1883 Mi.2122 Yv.1845  20c Afrovenator ----
Sc.1884 Mi.2123 Yv.1846  65c Centrosaurus ----
Sc.1885 Mi.2124 Yv.1847  90c Pentaceratops ----
Sc.1886 Mi.2125 Yv.1848  $1.20 Tarbosaurus ----
Sc.1887 Mi.2126 Yv.1849  $5 Styracosaurus ----
STP Sc.1888    Mi.2127-2138 Yv.1832-1843 Sheet of 12 10.00ˆ
Sc.1888a  Mi.2127 Yv.1832 75c Kronosaurus ----
Sc.1888b  Mi.2128 Yv.1833 75c Ichthyosaurus ----
Sc.1888c  Mi.2129 Yv.1834 75c Plesiosaurus ----
Sc.1888d  Mi.2130 Yv.1835 75c Archelon ----
Sc.1888e Mi.2131 Yv.1836 75c Tyrannosaurus ----
Sc.1888f  Mi.2132 Yv.1837 75c Tyrannosaurus ----
Sc.1888g  Mi.2133 Yv.1838 75c Parasaurolophus ----
Sc.1888h  Mi.2134 Yv.1839 75c Parasaurolophus ----
Sc.1888i Mi.2135 Yv.1840 75c Oviraptor ----
Sc.1888j Mi.2136 Yv.1841 75c Protoceratops  ----
Sc.1888k  Mi.2137 Yv.1842 75c Pteranodon, Protoceratops ----
Sc.1888l Mi.2138 Yv.1843 75c Protoceratops ----
Souvenir sheets
STP Sc.1889 Mi.Bl.310 Yv.BF307 $6 Carnotaurus 7.00ˆ
STP Sc.1890 Mi.Bl.311 Yv.BF308 $6 Corythosaurus 7.00ˆ
STI Sc.----  Mi.----  Yv.---- Sc.1882-1887, imperf. ----
STI Sc.----  Mi.----  Yv.---- 12 x 75c Sc.1888, imperf. ----
STI Sc.----  Mi.----  Yv.---- $6 Sc.1889, imperf. ----
STI Sc.----  Mi.----  Yv.---- $6 Sc.1890, imperf. ----
FDC Sc.1882-1887
FDC Sc.1888   
FDC Sc.1889
1996, June 6 – Walt Disney (1901-1966)
Sc.1987-1996   Mi.2388-2397  Yv.2047-2056 Set of 10 11.00ˆ
STP Sc.1988 Mi.2389 Yv.2048 2c Cartoon Pterodactylus 0.30ˆ
Souvenir sheets
Sc.1997 Mi.Bl.346 Yv.BF341 $6 Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea 5.00ˆ
STP Sc.1998   Mi.Bl.346  Yv.BF342   $6 Cartoon Plesiosaurus 5.00ˆ
1998, Aug. 17 – Intl. Year of the Ocean
STP Sc.2162 Mi.2714-2738 Yv.2380-2404 25 x 40c Sheet of 25, Sc.2162a-y 10.00ˆ
STP Sc.2162m    Mi.2726 Yv.2392  40c Nautilus 0.40ˆ
                                                     Sc.2163 Mi.2740-2751  Yv.2350-2361 12 x 75c Sheet of 12, Sc.2163a-l 8.00ˆ
                               Sc.2164-2165  Mi.Bl.395-396     Yv.BF394,398  each $6 Souvenir sheets (2) 11.00ˆ
1999, May 26 - Dinosaurs
STP Sc.2247-2250 Mi.2940-2943 Yv.2561-2564 Set of 4 3.20ˆ
Sc.2247 Mi.2940 Yv.2561  65c Brachiosaurus ----
Sc.2248 Mi.2941 Yv.2562 75c Oviraptor ----
Sc.2249 Mi.2942 Yv.2563  $1 Homotherium ----
Sc.2250 Mi.2943 Yv.2564  $1.20 Macrauchenia ----
STP Sc.2251 Mi.2944-2953 Yv.2505-2513 Sheet of 9 13.00ˆ
Sc.2251a Mi.2944 Yv.2505 $1.65 Leptictidium ----
Sc.2251b Mi.2945 Yv.2506 $1.65 Ictitherium ----
Sc.2251c Mi.2946 Yv.2507 $1.65 Plesictis ----
Sc.2251d Mi.2947 Yv.2508 $1.65 Hemicyon ----
Sc.2251e Mi.2948 Yv.2509 $1.65 Diacodexis ----
Sc.2251f Mi.2949 Yv.2510 $1.65 Stylinodon ----
Sc.2251g Mi.2950 Yv.2511 $1.65 Kanuites ----
Sc.2251h Mi.2951 Yv.2512 $1.65 Chriacus ----
Sc.2251i Mi.2952 Yv.2513 $1.65 Argyrolagus ----
STP Sc.2252  Mi.2953-2961 Yv.2565-2573 Sheet of 9 13.00ˆ
Sc.2252a Mi.2953 Yv.2565 $1.65 Struthiomimus ----
Sc.2252b Mi.2954 Yv.2566 $1.65 Corythosaurus ----
Sc.2252c Mi.2955 Yv.2567 $1.65 Dsungaripterus ----
Sc.2252d Mi.2956 Yv.2568 $1.65 Compsognathus ----
Sc.2252e Mi.2957 Yv.2569 $1.65 Prosaurolophus ----
Sc.2252f Mi.2958 Yv.2570 $1.65 Montanoceratops ----
Sc.2252g Mi.2959 Yv.2571 $1.65 Stegosaurus ----
Sc.2252h Mi.2960 Yv.2572 $1.65 Deinonychus ----
Sc.2252i Mi.2961 Yv.2573 $1.65 Ouranosaurus ----
Souvenir sheets
STP Sc.2253 Mi.Bl.427 Yv.BF421  $6 Pteranodon 5.50ˆ
STP Sc.2254 Mi.Bl.426 Yv.BF430  $6 Eurhinodelphis 5.50ˆ
FDC Sc.2254 
2002, Apr. 8 – Flora and Fauna
Sc.2553-2556   Mi.3689-3692 Yv.3161-3163 Set of 4    4.60ˆ
STP Sc.2557 Mi.3693-3701   Yv.3174-3182 9 x 90c Sheet of 9, Sc.2557a-i     9.00ˆ
                                                              Sc.2557g Mi.3699 Yv.3180  90c Bufo periglenes (Incilius periglenes †) ----
                       Sc.2558 Mi.3702-3710   Yv.3174-3182 9 x $1 Sheet of 9, Sc.2558a-i    10.00ˆ
                                                                                                                Sc.2559-2560 Mi.Bl.532-533   Yv.BF526-527 each $6 Souvenir sheets 14.00ˆ
2005, May 23 – Marine Life
STP Sc.2806   Mi.4212-4215  Yv.----  4 x $2 Sheet of 4, Sc.2806a-d    6.50ˆ
                                                              Sc.2806c Mi.4214 Yv.----  $2 Limulus polyphemus ----
                                                                                                                Sc.2807  Mi.Bl.605   Yv.----   $6 Souvenir sheet 5.50ˆ
2005, May 23 - Prehistoric Animals
STP Sc.2808  Mi.4232-4235      Yv.---- Sheet of 4 6.50ˆ
Sc.2808a Mi.4232 Yv.---- $2 Mammuthus imperator ----
Sc.2808b  Mi.4233 Yv.---- $2 Brontops ----
Sc.2808c  Mi.4234 Yv.---- $2 Hyracotherium ----
Sc.2808d  Mi.4235 Yv.---- $2 Propalaeotherium ----
STP Sc.2809 Mi.4236-4239 Yv.----   Sheet of 4 8.00ˆ
Sc.2809a Mi.4236 Yv.---- $2.50 Ceratosaurus ----
Sc.2809b Mi.4237 Yv.---- $2.50 Coelurosaurus ----
Sc.2809c Mi.4238 Yv.---- $2.50 Ornitholestes ----
Sc.2809d Mi.4239 Yv.---- $2.50 Baryonyx ----
STP Sc.2810   Mi.4240-4243 Yv.---- Sheet of 4 9.50ˆ
Sc.2810a   Mi.4240 Yv.---- $3 Plateosaurus ----
Sc.2810b   Mi.4241 Yv.---- $3 Yangchuanosaurus ----
Sc.2810c   Mi.4242 Yv.---- $3 Coelophysis ----
Sc.2810d   Mi.4243 Yv.---- $3 Lystrosaurus ----
Souvenir sheets
STP Sc.2811 Mi.Bl.609 Yv.---- $4 Triceratops 4.00ˆ
STP Sc.2812 Mi.Bl.610 Yv.---- $5 Stegosaurus 5.00ˆ
STP Sc.2813 Mi.Bl.611 Yv.---- $6 Coelodonta 6.00ˆ
FDC Sc.2808
FDC Sc.2809
FDC Sc.2810
FDC Sc.2811
FDC Sc.2812
FDC Sc.2813
2005, June 15 – Jules Verne (1828-1905)
STP Sc.2819 Mi.4262-4266 Yv.3623-3626 4 x $2 Sheet of 4, Sc.2819a-d 6.40ˆ
Sc.2819a Mi.4262 Yv.3623 $2 Dinosaur ----
Sc.2820  Mi.Bl.614    Yv.----      $5 Souvenir sheet 5.00ˆ
FDC Sc.2819
2011, Sept. 30 – Tropical Fish
STP Sc.3167 Mi.4968-4971 Yv.---- 4 x $3.50 Sheet of 4, Sc.3167a-d 12.00ˆ
Symbolical nautilus shell in the margin.
STP Sc.3168 Mi.4972-4975 Yv.---- 4 x $3.50 Sheet of 4, Sc.3168a-d 12.00ˆ
Symbolical nautilus shell in the margin.
Souvenir sheets
STP Sc.3169 Mi.Bl.691 Yv.---- $9 Sphyraena barracuda 7.50ˆ
Symbolical nautilus shell in the margin.
STP Sc.3170 Mi.Bl.692 Yv.----   $9 Chaetodon striatus 7.50ˆ
Symbolical nautilus shell in the margin.
FDC Sc.3168
FDC Sc.3170
2012, Dec. 3 – Turtles
STP Sc.3201 Mi.5053-5056 Yv.---- 4 x $3.50 Sheet of 4, Sc.3201a-d 11.00ˆ
Chelydra serpentina in the margin.
Sc.3202 Mi.Bl.702     Yv.----      $9 Souvenir sheet 7.00ˆ
2018 – The Presidents of the United States of America
Sc.3428-3431 Mi.---- Yv.---- Sheets of 12 (4) ----
STP Sc.3428 Mi.---- Yv.---- Sheet of 12, Sc.3428a-l ----
Sc.3428c Mi.---- Yv.---- 3c Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) ----
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