Arbitrary signs and symbols



STP - Perforated Stamp (Miniature Sheet, Souvenir Sheet, Booklet)

STI - Imperforated Stamp (Miniature Sheet, Souvenir Sheet, Booklet)

AG - Aerogram

CP - Commemorative Panel

FDC - First Day Cover

FDS - First Day Sheet

MC - Maximum Card

PC - Proof Card

PP - Presentation Pack

SE - Stamped Envelope

SP - Souvenir Page

SPC - Stamped Post Card



DVD-version of the catalogue includes more 23000 images of stamps, sheets, FDCs, etc.

Format is HTML, JPG. Size is more 4,3 Gb.

The catalogue works with Microsoft Windows. The catalogue doesn't work with Apple Mac (Macintosh)!!!

Copying of the catalogue is forbidden.



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